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Croptek Agri Grower Pvt. Ltd. is now taking big step towards inducing hi-tech agriculture in our country. Hydroponic Equipments suppliers in surat, Hydroponics in Surat

We have global involvement in Hydroponics Project Development, including Consulting and Growing. Croptek is one of the leading companies in Hydroponics which deals in designing, planning, executing and maintaining all types of hydroponics projects.

What do we do?

Croptek Agri Grower Pvt. Ltd. is growing leaps and bounds and is inducing hi-tech agriculture in India. The founder’s experience and efficacy in agriculture and hydroponics promises effective and efficient results. As due to the increasing pollution soil quality has worsened and landfills have taken place on all agricultural lands. Researchers have explored new genres of farming which is now the new “Concept of Farming - Hydroponics”. Hydroponics allows soilless farming and Croptek is now a pioneer in the area.  As a leading company, we are looking forward to achieving expertise in innovative, hi-tech and optimum farming in the country. We assure the best satisfactory services to our clients and customers. We are facilitating a cost-effective roadmap for development of the best hydroponics projects. Maximum crop yield with low-cost farming is the main aim of the company. 

 With , Croptek Agri Grower Pvt. Ltd ‘s hi-tech farming:

  • Set up a healthier lifestyle

  • Revert back to your healthy Life

  • Wake up refreshed

  • Boost your energy & metabolism

  • Optimize and effective crop cultivation


Croptek Agri Grower Pvt. Ltd.

  • Get Back to Healthy Life
  • Set a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Crop Cultivation Optimum
  • Wake Up Refreshed
  • Boost Energy & Metabolism
  • Highly Technological Farming